Uninsured Motorist Coverage: West Virginia

In West Virginia, uninsured motorist insurance is mandatory. Good thing too, because research by the Insurance Research Council found that 10% of motorists in West Virginia don’t carry insurance. That’s 185,299 drivers!

Basically, uninsured motorist insurance coverage will pay personal injury costs resulting from an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Uninsured motorist coverage is many times termed West Virginia hit-and-run insurance. You bet, it certainly seems unjust that you might be forced to pay for healthcare bills incurred in a collision with a motorist who is uninsured, and that’s why West Virginia uninsured motorist coverage is so crucial.

Yes, uninsured motorist insurance would be a great idea, but how much will it actually set you back? Less than you think! Fortunately, we have partnered with an extensive array of West Virginia insurance companies that can offer you uninsured motorist coverage. Enter you zip code to compare rates!

West Virginia Uninsured Motorist Law

As stated above, this type of insurance is mandatory for drivers in West Virginia. When a person fails to carry 20/40/10 in protection (in thousands) for personal injury and damage to property, then she or he is defined as underinsured. In this case, UM/UIM coverage ought to pay the difference between how much the driver to blame is able to pay, and the amount that is owed.

Accident With an Uninsured Vehicle in West Virginia?

Were you hit by a driver who did not have insurance? In practically every state, it is deemed against the law for a driver to drive without being insured, and might even be regarded as a crime. Needless to say, it’s critical to have an attorney evaluate your uninsured driver claim.