Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Nevada

Do you need uninsured motorist coverage in Nevada? Without a doubt! Uninsured motorist coverage is not mandatory in Nevada, but 17% of Nevada car owners are uninsured.

In general, uninsured motorist insurance coverage covers bodily injury damages caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. This type of coverage is frequently termed Nevada hit and run insurance coverage. Despite the fact that you weren’t at fault, you could get saddled with losses stemming from a car accident with an uninsured motorist – unless you add uninsured motorist protection to your auto insurance policy, that is!

Surprisingly, Nevada uninsured motorist coverage does not have to cost you lots of money. Fortunately, we have partnered with an extensive array of Nevada car insurance carriers who can offer you uninsured motorist coverage. Enter you zip code to compare rates!

Nevada Uninsured Motorist Law

No, Nevada uninsured motorist coverage is compulsory. When a person doesn’t possess 15/30/10 worth of protection (in thousands of dollars) for bodily injury and damage to property, then he / she is defined as underinsured. In this case, uninsured motorist insurance should cover the difference between what the motorist responsible can cover, and what is owed.

Accident With an Uninsured Driver in Nevada?

Were you injured by a motorist who did not have insurance? In forty-eight states, it’s considered unlawful for a car owner to be uninsured, and may even be treated as a criminal offense. As you can imagine, it’s imperative to ask a lawyer to analyze your uninsured driver case.