Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Missouri

Do you really need uninsured motorist insurance in Missouri? Most definitely! Uninsured motorist insurance is required by law in Missouri, and 12% of Missouri drivers are without insurance.

Basically, uninsured motorist coverage pays for losses from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist or hit-and-run driver. It also covers any remainder of expenses that the motorist responsible does not have sufficient coverage to pay for. This type of coverage is oftentimes called Missouri hit-and-run insurance. Regardless that you weren’t to blame, you could be saddled with bills stemming from a collision with an uninsured driver – until you add uninsured motorist coverage to your auto insurance policy, that is!

Missouri uninsured motorist coverage does not need to run you lots of money.

We can’t stress this enough: it is crucial to compare rates on Missouri uninsured motorist coverage between insurers. For that reason we allow you to compare rates from the leading providers of Missouri UM/UIM coverage – online!

Missouri Uninsured Motorist Law

As mentioned above, uninsured motorist protection is compulsory if you live in Missouri. In Missouri, when a person does not possess 25/50/10 worth of protection (in thousands) for personal injury and damage to property, then he / she is defined as underinsured. In this instance, uninsured motorist protection ought to cover the difference between what the motorist at fault can shell out, and how much should be paid.

Accident With an Uninsured Driver in Missouri?

Been injured by an uninsured motorist? In practically every state, it is illegal for a driver to be without insurance, and may be treated as a crime. If you need to make an uninsured driver or hit and run legal claim in Missouri, you need a lawyer.