Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Kansas

Yes, uninsured motorist coverage in Kansas is mandatory, and it needs to be. How come? Because 13% of Kansas drivers are not insured. What does uninsured motorist insurance cover? Generally, uninsured motorist insurance will pay for damages due to a hit-and-run or an accident with an uninsured driver. UM/UIM coverage is often termed Kansas hit-and-run insurance coverage. Without a doubt, it seems unjust that you might have to cover health expenses sustained after a car accident with a motorist who is not insured, and that’s the reason Kansas uninsured motorist insurance is so important.

Sure, uninsured motorist insurance would be wise, but how much money will it really set you back? Not as much as you think!

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Kansas Uninsured Motorist Law

As mentioned previously, uninsured motorist protection is required for drivers in Kansas. If a person fails to carry 25/50/10 in insurance coverage (in thousands of dollars) for personal injury and damage to property, they is not fully insured. In this instance, uninsured motorist insurance ought to cover the disparity between how much the motorist to blame is able to pay up, and the amount that is supposed to be paid.

Injured By Uninsured Driver in Kansas?

Those who have been injured by a motorist driving without being insured might have the legal right to reparation for injuries. It certainly seems unjust to be refused reparations just because a driver who caused the accident failed to purchase insurance coverage, and the courts may agree. Obviously, it’s critical to have an attorney assess your uninsured motorist claim.