Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Indiana

In Indiana, uninsured motorist coverage is not compulsory. However, a report by the Insurance Research Council found that 16% of motorists in Indiana are driving without being insured. That’s 1,037,408 drivers!

So how does uninsured motorist insurance work? Basically, uninsured motorist insurance coverage insures losses from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist or a hit-and-run motorist. It also covers any remainder of costs that the motorist at fault didn’t have adequate insurance to cover. UM/UIM coverage is often referred to as Indiana hit-and-run insurance.

If you don’t have this type of insurance, you might have to pay for medical expenses connected with a personal injury for which you weren’t at fault. So we’ve established that uninsured motorist insurance would be worthwhile, but how much money will it really run you? Less than you think! It is crucial to compare rates on Indiana uninsured motorist coverage between insurers. For that reason we allow you to compare rates from the leading providers of Indiana UM/UIM coverage – online!

Indiana Uninsured Motorist Law

No, Indiana uninsured motorist coverage is not required. If an individual doesn’t possess 25/50/10 in insurance coverage (in thousands of dollars) for personal injuries and property damage, then they is not fully insured. In this instance, uninsured motorist coverage should pay the disparity between what the motorist to blame can shell out, and what is owed.

Hit By an Uninsured Driver in Indiana?

Individuals who have been injured by an uninsured motorist might have the legal right to reimbursement for damages. In practically every state, it’s regarded as illegal for a road user to drive without being insured, and might be regarded as a criminal offense. Keep in mind, it’s critical to have a law firm examine your uninsured driver claim.