Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Hawaii

No, uninsured motorist insurance in Hawaii is not mandatory, but it ought to be. Why? Because 13% of Hawaii road users are driving without insurance. What does uninsured motorist insurance protect against? Basically, uninsured motorist protection protects the insurance holder and loved ones when they are seriously injured by a hit-and-run or uninsured driver, assuming the other driver is to blame. This type of protection is commonly referred to as Hawaii hit-and-run insurance coverage.

It may seem unfair that you may be expected to cover health costs incurred after a car accident with a driver who was without insurance, which is the reason Hawaii uninsured motorist insurance is really crucial.

Yes, uninsured motorist insurance would be beneficial, but how much will it cost? Less than you might expect! We can’t stress this enough: it is crucial to compare rates on Hawaii uninsured motorist coverage between insurers. For that reason we allow you to compare rates from the leading providers of Hawaii UM/UIM coverage – online!

Hawaii Uninsured Motorist Law

As mentioned above, uninsured motorist insurance coverage is not mandatory in Hawaii. In Hawaii, if a driver fails to possess 20/40/10 worth of insurance coverage (in thousands) for bodily injury and damage to property, then he or she is not fully insured. In cases like this, uninsured motorist coverage should pay the discrepancy between the amount the motorist responsible can cover, and how much is due.

Hit By an Uninsured Motorist in Hawaii?

If you have been in an accident with an uninsured vehicle in Hawaii, you might have the right to legal recourse. It certainly seems unjust to be refused reparations just because a car owner who caused the accident neglected to invest in coverage, and the judge may concur. If you’d like to make an uninsured motorist or hit and run legal claim in Hawaii, you need a law firm.