Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Arkansas

No, uninsured motorist insurance in Arkansas is not required, but it should be. Why? Because 14% of Arkansas motorists are uninsured. In most cases, uninsured motorist coverage will pay for injuries or damage to property brought on by an uninsured motorist or, in some areas, an unidentified motorist. You might find it also comes with coverage for underinsured drivers and at fault drivers with inadequate insurance to cover your claim. This type of protection is frequently referred to as Arkansas hit-and-run insurance coverage.

Regardless that you are not in the wrong, you could be saddled with losses arising from an accident with an uninsured driver – unless you add uninsured motorist protection to your auto insurance policy, of course!

No matter whether you intend to add uninsured motorist coverage to your current policy or obtain a new plan entirely, we can save you a little money while being protected from the 408,229 motorists in Arkansas who don’t have insurance. Fortunately, we have partnered with an extensive array of Arkansas insurance carriers that can offer you uninsured motorist insurance. Enter you zip code to compare rates!

Arkansas Uninsured Motorist Law

In Arkansas, this type of coverage is not required by law. In order to be thoroughly covered in the state of Arkansas, an individual needs to have these coverage amounts, at minimum:

  1. For one individual injured in an accident: $25,000
  2. For all individuals injured in an accident: $50,000
  3. For damage to property in an accident: $25,000

If she or he doesn’t maintain this much coverage, at least, a driver will be looked at as underinsured. In such cases, uninsured motorist insurance should pay the disparity between what the motorist responsible is able to cover, and how much is due.

Accident With an Uninsured Driver in Arkansas?

Been injured by an uninsured motorist? It certainly seems unjust to be refused damages mainly because the other car owner didn’t invest in coverage, and the legal system may agree. Keep in mind, it’s essential to ask a law firm to evaluate your uninsured driver or hit and run claim.