Tennessee Among States With Higher Number Of Uninsured Motorists

The numbers of uninsured motorists are studied each year by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), and some of those findings are reflected in this article.

As the economy took a tank and people began losing jobs, some pretty difficult decisions had to be made across America. Some families were forced to decide between basic needs like electricity and items like car insurance. Car insurance lost.

While the average number of uninsured motorists had been dropping steadily, they began to increase in 2007 and the trend continued into 2009, where it leveled at 13.8%. Still some states continue to show increases. Tennessee, Georgia, and North Dakota are showing the most marked increases. Tennessee has shown an increase of 4% over that two year period and the number of uninsured motorists in the state sits at 24%. Nearly 1 in 4 Tennesseans is uninsured. In defense of the average Tennessean, the unemployment rate in some counties is even higher.

The Tennessee legislature is considering a few new laws to counteract the numbers in their state. Each law would penalize uninsured motorists, in some cases preventing them from registering a car. Would it make more sense to work towards creating jobs that will allow people to afford car insurance instead? Hard to say. But one thing is sure:  if you live in the Volunteer state, it’s crucial to have Tennessee uninsured motorist coverage. Otherwise, you could be on the hook for thousands in damages which weren’t even your fault.

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